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Interactive Personalized Therapy
Helps your loved one preserve their favorite memories and form new ones!
For example, "What is your favorite food?", "Where did you grow up?", "What is your spouse’s name?"
Our patented software shows personalized questions to help strengthen memory in an engaging way about the patient help to train memory in an engaging way and preserve memories dear to the heart.
All Stages of Autism
Down syndrome
Alzheimer's disease
Traumatic brain injury
Parkinson's disease
Dementia of different types
Consequences of a stroke
Fronto-temporal degeneration
What diagnoses do we work with?
and many more!
HOW will improve the life of your loved one?
What areas of the brain can help improve?
Executive Functioning
Brain speed
Short-Term Memory
Long-Term Memory
Keep memories
Uplift mood
Be more independent
Improve skills
Give peace of mind
Personalized analytics
Our dynamic Growth Curve helps visualize performance improvements over time from the very first Learning Session to the most recent, and every one in between.
See how well a patient is doing in a variety of foundational skills and customize the concepts he sees in his next learning session, all from a single report.
Easily understand each patient overall engagement with our Summary Statistics.
Summary Statistics
Growth Curve
Customizable Learning Sessions
Our years of research have found that patients are more engaged and can respond more quickly when a therapy incorporates content they recognize and identify with.
With Frenalytics, your entire family can get set up with their own accounts in just minutes.
Our reporting tools help you track progress over time in every therapy module we offer.
Not only can Frenalytics help assess your loved one’s current cognitive functions, it also analyzes this information to help you build a unique care plan for them to recover.
Frenalytics can run on your existing computer and tablet, all you need is an internet connection.
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