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for children 6-18 years old
Who are our courses for?
Junior grades
6-10 Years old
Middle school
High school
14-18 years old
Available courses
    Algebra 2A
    This high school algebra course covers quadratic functions, polynomials, rational functions, and radical and piecewise functions
    70 min
    Ages 13-17
    Incoming G1 Trial Class!
    The curriculum helps build a solid grasp with foundations as well as develop advanced thinking abilities (logical reasoning, abstract and creative thinking)
    60 min
    Ages 6-10
    Pre-Algebra A
    We cover arithmetic review, fractions, decimals, percents, ratios, expressions, exponents, and radicals

    60 min
    Ages 10-14
    Geometry A
    The geometry course at the secondary school level teaches concepts such as lines and angles, triangles, triangle dissection, proof-based problems
    60 min
    Ages 13-16
    Geometry A
    This course prepares students for the, which show colleges the and how prepared they are for more advanced undergraduate courses.
    80 min
    Ages 16-18
    The first lesson is free!
    The first lesson is free!
    The first lesson is free!
    The first lesson is free!
    The first lesson is free!
    How are our classes being offered?
    • Small group of up to 4 children
    • Online – 60\80 min
    • Individually
    Our teachers
    Try your first month for a discount!
    only $17.99
    Parents choose us:
    We open the child’s interest in mathematics with the help of interesting and effective classes
    Attractive tuition fees for our classes
    All of our teachers are highly qualified and have extensive experience in working with children of all ages
    Why is our online school of mathematics preferred?
    Work experience: 5 years
    Math teacher exam preparation
    • S Level Teacher in Think Academy (Top 5%)
    • Taught over 100 students
    • ACE competition level teacher
    • Lead of Grade K
    • 4 years of middle school
    • First prize in the Hua Cup Math Competition
    Math teacher exam preparation
    Work experience: 7 years
    Work experience: 8 years
    Elementary school math teacher
    • Master of Qualitative Financial Economics from Duke University
    • Top 3 in National TEAMS competition, 2014
    Work experience: 10 years
    Elementary school math teacher
    • M.A. in Social Sciences—Psychology concentration at the University of Chicago.
    • Top 1% in SAT with 99% in SAT Math
    Work experience: 20 years
    High school math teacher
    • ACE competition level teacher (more than 60% students received Math - Kangaroo medals)
    • Taught over 500 students
    Work experience: 25 years
    High school math teacher
    • Conducted research on when and how children begin to internalize stereotypes and biases towards STEM fields.
    How does it work?
    Leave a request
    for the first free lesson
    The school manager contacts you
    and selects a convenient time for the first lesson
    We conduct the first lesson.
    We understand the goals and objectives of training. We make a schedule of classes.
    Our child starts moving towards his goals
    and improving his knowledge of mathematics in an interesting and productive way!
    At the end of the test month 
    we conduct certification and prescribe the further path of training.
    Don't hesitate!
    Help your child start learning math right now.
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