Our VC fund is looking for EdTech startups in an early stage to invest
General Partner
Marketing department
Marketing Partner
Outside Counsel
Based in Silicon Valley
Our mission is to help talented EdTech founders worldwide fulfill their potential, regardless of their background in the US market
We fund
(from pre-seed to series A+)
We help to relocate
EdTech startups into the US Market
How can we help you?
Our in-house team handles super-marketing
We help startups enter the US market and 5x their value in 1 year
Early stage valuation in the US market is ≈ $10/20M
Early stage valuation in local markets is ≈ $2M
Why do you need to get into the US market?
US/Global market
We invest from $100k to $300k in EdTech startups
Our criteria for investments:
Is Yes your answer to these 3 criteria?
Your product is suitable for B2C
You want to enter the US market
You have an EDTech startup
Edtech entrepreneur for 12 years
Former semi-pro basketball player
Harvard and Stanford Alumnus
Mentor in top edtech accelerators
Based in SF
Alex Pudov
General Partner
Experienced Angel investor
105 startups invested
5 unicorns in portfolio
Based in SF
Muema Lombe
Investing Partner
Experienced VC attorney
A.B. Harvard / J.D. Univ. of Pennsylvania
Personal approach to each startup
Based in Austin
Outside Counsel
Jose Padilla
Who are in the team?
Why do 95% of EdTech startups fail?
Bad marketing/sales
Lack of investments
Poor management
We will help you avoid these problems!
Together with the EdTech Booster Capital team, your chances of success increase by
BEFORE INVESTING we are able to:
Launch marketing campaigns to validate Customer Acquisition Costs
Examine the market's size and competitors
Evaluate and test the founder’s team
Our tools and playbooks
Investments in series A+ stage
Test your product in the US market
Checks from $100k to $500k
Engage PE/Corporates to buy a startup
Engage series A+ funds to invest in a startup
Expand marketing campaigns
AFTER INVESTING we are able to:
AS A RESULT we provide:
How does it work?
Leave an application on the site and fill out the form
Online meeting with
Alex Pudov GP of the fund
Checking the potential of your project
Second meeting and closer acquaintance
Launching test advertising campaigns for your product in the US market
Analysis of results and investment decision
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"I am interested in testing my EdTech startup in the US market for free"
We can test your startup without a finished product!