while the market is unstable?
Author's webinar for Tech startups in the B2C segment from Alex Pudov
09:00 AM pdt
March 23
How to attract US investments in your project
Webinar Speaker
American VC is a member of the Angels Club in Silicon Valley
Over 13 years of experience developing EdTech projects
Created an EdTech company with an annual revenue of $ 5 million
(in the Eastern European market)
Helps startups successfully allocate their project to the US market
What will we analyze at the webinar?
How to launch a digital marketing campaign in the US market with a small budget
How to calculate your capitalization and numbers correctly
How to successfully attract investments from American investors
Why is the US market the most attractive for Tech startups
Why has the situation in the VC sphere become more complicated and how to turn it into a plus right now?
The webinar will be interesting to you if:
you ARE interested in the US market
you ARE a B2C startup
you ARE looking for investments
09:00 AM pdt
March 23
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