and accelerating their growth in the US market through our experience marketing team
Investing in undervalued global Edtech startups
EdTech Booster Capital
Based in the USA
Choose your role:
I am 6’7 and played basketball for 11 years
I am a GP of EdTech Booster and live in Silicon Valley
I am originally from Ukraine
EdTech company with annual revenue of 5 million dollars
Over 13 years of experience developing EdTech projects
Who is the GP of the fund?
Our mission is to help talented EdTech founders worldwide to fulfill their potential regardless of their background
Attract founders
Validate products and teams
Launch and scale startups
What does our foundation do?
Three facts about our fund:
We attract more than 500 EdTech startups each month
500+ startups
We launch digital marketing campaigns to test founder’s product in the US market, validate CAC and potential economic unit before investing
Unique Validation
We enter startups at low valuations and get extra equity for marketing services
High ROI
We help startups enter the US market and 5x their value in one year
Early stage valuation in the US market is ≈ $10/20M
Early stage valuation in local markets is ≈ $2M
US/Global market
We will invest in 50 startups in 5 years investment period
Who are in the team?
Outside Counsel
Jose Padilla
Experienced VC attorney
A.B. Harvard / J.D. Univ. of Pennsylvania
Personal approach to each startup
Based in Austin
General Partner
Alex Pudov
Edtech entrepreneur for 12 years
Former semi-pro basketball player
Harvard and Stanford Alumnus
Mentor in top edtech accelerators
Based in SF
Investing Partner
Muema Lombe
Experienced Angel investor
105 startups invested
5 unicorns in portfolio
Based in SF
Marketing Partner
Anna Fomenko
11 years in digital marketing
125 packaged marketing strategies
>200,000 validated leads in education
Based in Tel Aviv
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